Improvement these days is in subtle increments and easily over looked. My fist consistent walk of  the day is over to the barn to feed the horses and I always use this to gauge progress. This morning I was most of the way to the barn when I realized I was thinking about something completely different and just walking naturally. Most of the time since the stoke I have to concentrate on every step I take.

Another thing I added to my routine is I now run back from the barn , a distance of some 50meters. it actually feels more like my old self when I run as opposed to walking.

Additionally when I do my daily treadmill exercise, I started increasing the incline just to 3% but a good start.

Otherwise the week has passed in Covid isolation in the usual way. Ride it weather permits and gardening to follow and finish the work with a cup'o tea.


For those more observant you will notice the beards gone. I started growing this in rehab after the stroke as my muscle spasmodity was so bad I was dangerous with a razor. LOL

All for this week Kev


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Kev, a lot of what you talk about seems like routine but those small improvements all add up. Walking without having to consciously think about it is a blessing. And running back - great. I rescued a neighbour today who slipped on wet grass and finished up in the drain, we both had a cup of tea afterwards to calm our nerves! His partner was out at the times so just as well I saw him go down. 

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