Tomorrow is four months since my beloved cousin Jason died. Seems like a lifetime. 

On Sunday, a lady I've known my whole life died after a very quick battle with ovarian cancer. 

Last week I had a mammogram and a half (had to do one side twice) and two ultrasounds.

I have a lump in my neck and one in my boob. As my mum is a breast cancer survivor , I always worry about things like that.

I kept thinking that God has already given me more than I can handle. He wouldn't be that cruel.

And no, he wasn't.  I'm very pleased to say everything is fine.

In those days between tests and results, the paralysing fear and thoughts of the worst consumed me.

I really don't like things being about me, but I allowed myself to dwell on it instead of reassuring myself. 

The weight lifted from my shoulders at good results was amazing. 


Fun fact:

I saw a priest I know at the radiology department, he was asking after my health in general. After a quick run down, I said "that's enough about me, how are you, Fr Brendon?"

The cheeky bugger replied "Oh no, let's talk about you, you're far more interesting!"




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Sounds like a good priest.


Glad to hear all clear on those results.  The waiting is the worst part. No matter how much you tell yourself "it's not worth worrying, cross that bridge when you get there" it's so hard to take your own advice.

Let's not be "interesting" for a while!!


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