Pushing for Normal




Those who may have read last weeks blog will know i'm pushing for normal. Generally its been working great! i'm estimating about an 85% rate and it feels good when I get it right as for a few minutes I fell no deficits. The slight down side it that occasionally on rougher ground i lose a little balance. and may stagger slightly for a stride or 2 it challenges my balance and may induce a little headiness. but I have not taken a fall yet, and believe that balance challenge is probably good neuro plastics learning anyhow.

My horse came up lame 5 days ago so no riding for a few days, but took him for a quiet walk yesterday an he is sound again.

Quarantine while... pottering in the garden and hoop house and walking regularly on the treadmill where i have increased the grade to 4.5%. I t seems to make me flex joints more than being flat.

Hers a pic of a greens bed which is supplying Arugula and lettuce for salads.


The pic at the top was flowering sweet potatoes which are harvested as close to the first frost as I dare  Cheers Kev



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I love those summer greens, I grow rocket, baby spinach and two kinds of parsley for salad, so am envious of people who grow stronger lettuces. You are doing really well with your return to normal program. Good for you.


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Kev I so want to be your neighbour and be in that garden!


We tried a veggie garden.  Not too successful as the kids lost interest and Wayne is just too busy.


I may have to give it another go, but be a little more realistic as to what we grow. 


Keep up the updates.



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Janelle maybe start with a window box in your kitchen, for things like cherry tomatoes, lettuce and herbs. Things that you can see everyday and snack from. Window boxes also mean no heavy digging or bending to physically challenge you.  I have a cat who eats plants so I don't do it myself, but occasionally I think about it. Another easy one to grow close to the house is strawberries in a hanging basket.

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One of the nursing homes I used to visit had converted a child's cot into a raised garden bed using a black plastic lining, filling it with soil and the plants. It could be wheeled onto the concrete outside the back door for the residents to weed or pick the produce and then back out into the sun. It was watered out on the lawn so any drippings from the punched holes in the plastic watered the grass. I thought it was a fantastic idea.

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Those beds look beautiful. How was your tomatoes this year? I know, in my area of South New Jersey ( as far south as you can go) was Rubbish 

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