My recent attempts to push for normal seem to be paying off. Most of my motion lately is normal, though I still have to concentrate on doing it. Often the first couple of steps may be slightly lacking, but then i push a little, focus and its back again. This recently re-learned motion gets me into new areas of balance challenge. But only small ones which trigger a little headiness for just a moment and I seem to be learning how to re-balance and haven't been anywhere near falling yet.

Control of my left arm ahs improved so much I have decided that my riding is good enough to restart training. I had just started the half pass when I stroked. So we started again last week.:)

I also felt strong enough to do some heavier work, re-arranging some heavy fence panels.

Veggie's keep growing and bed is processing and storing some, others are still going to friends , see pic below:-




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Nice assortment of vegetables. Are the cucumbers the latest to ripen? I like the assorted tomatoes too. The bottled sauce is a great idea. I used to bottle fruit and vegetables when we lived in the country when the kids were young. Seems like a lifetime ago now.

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What a beautiful bounty from the garden!  And it's so great to hear how much your hard work is paying off Kev! Keep at it, you are an inspiration to all of us.

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No it was the other way round. I think my headiness which feels like a light drunk is directly linked to my balance. When i first got home 4 weeks post stroke , it was with me all the time , EXCEPT when i would get in the saddle it would go away . that was consistent. Now if tried a tight roll back it would come back but I wasn't doing much of that . My problem was more I was riding like a novice and bouncing in the saddle!!  It has taken a year to get back in the saddle. That's a phrase we use , in that a novice rides on the saddle and a good rider is in the saddle. I think that's controlled by core muscles around the waste and it took time. 

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Kev, kudos to you, with the riding. 


Please take care, and don't ride alone. 


I'd hate for balance issues to mess with you when in the saddle.



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