So this week i haven't had any notice improvements. Though perhaps my stamina is still improving. I have kept up my morning run back from the barn today additional incentive to get back quicker as we were down at 42F.  I'm still following the morning ride with some project work. This week it was getting the barns north side stalls ready for winter. Our predominant wind is from the south west , so for the with we move the horse to the lee side. To prep the running pens I had to take fencing down, and gravel and rake the area. then replace the fencing.

I'm still not a strong as i was 2 years ago, when I would have done it all in one day/ So now I break project into 3 days of tasks.



Also this week the horses needing trimming so where as i might have done both in a session i do a pair of hooves each day over 4 days. 

Very slowly increasing the incline on the treadmill. Now its 20mins at 3mph at 5%


This week we started re-watching Game of Thrones ----- " Winter is coming!"




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You have a great attitude Kevin, and plenty to keep you busy. I hope you know when you have done enough for the day. The changes you have to make going into winter will keep you busy for a while.

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