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God is so kind to us & I feel so grateful



Things are not finalized yet but its moving into right direction, so I have to share my joy.  hubby  has spent his first few years of his life in village in India with his family & is very fond of his native place, & even after moving to city in India his family has connection with village which has our very powerful community God we all believe in  & his whole family & extended family will gather their once a year for special prayer ceremony. Usually now in village there are mostly old people live there, but during this special occasion village is filled with people, & you get to meet whole Chandra family not just your siblings but your distant relatives too. its really sweet & nice feeling, I have attended once after moving to US, & now over the years people have built big temple for our family God & there are lot of services offered in community hall there where you can buy food  & so on. Anyway since our marriage hubby has always said when he retires he would like to move there & I have always teased him about it & saying no way I will rather stay in city than in village. Anyways we do have family home in village which we can use it with other brothers but that offer was creating lot of family politics so I was not very fond of it & upset with hubby about it. & out of nowhere this property with all the comforts I am used to came on the market (quite unlikely event in that small village), so seems like hubby's older brother brokered the deal, we have yet to close the deal, but seems more likely now, I am so happy about it since just before this I had big fight with hubby about  joining hands with his other brothers & build property together. I was of the opinion we can have our own villa which all of his family members can use it, but we are the owner so doing all modifications or upgrades are our responsibility & don't have to ask any one to chip in or feel bad when they don't agree with your upgrade idea. hubby has 5 older brothers  &  bossy 5 sister in laws lol. being youngest I can usually get along with  most but with one or two I cant, & didn't felt like needed that kind of headache in life. So very happy how things turned round in our life & we got something we both love it. & can imagine taking our kido & our grand-kids there in future. feel so grateful at the turn of he events went through good roller coaster of ride where had fights with hubby before with family politics & so on & suddenly this deal so I am plain grateful



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That sounds really good ASHA, somewhere you can be as a family when you go back to the village. I am glad you are looking forward to the future and grandchildren. That is what keeps me going when the going gets tough.

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