What goes around comes around




There's an awesome group of people in town who started an amazing charity. It's all local stuff.  All money they make at the events they have (from donations by locals) stays local. 


When I first became disabled, they were awesome to us.


Due to covid19, they are unable to hold the big annual  gala event,  but they have asked for donations for an online auction. 


You know I like to make cards?


I decided to make cards and calendars for them. Twelve sets in all. I'm not sure if they'll auction them as a whole set or two sets or differently.  Doesn't matter.


I'm thrilled I could do something to payback their generosity, but also extremely nervous about putting my cards out there.


The photo at the top of this entry is a set for the auction. 





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What lovely cards. It is a good thing to donate, unique hand made products. I hope they get a good price to help raise funds for charity.

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They are absolutely beautiful!  And how nice to be able to contribute.

I am a card maker too, and I can see the time and effort put into these!

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Hope so Kelli!!


SueC I was hoping you'd see the photo! I was never one for fussy cutting etc, so even though it's one handed my style really hasn't changed. 


I'm making feast day cards for Sr Sesilia at the moment, and cut 50 cards yesterday.  I have a Cutnboss, so it's not hard, just time consuming.   Even though,  I'm exhausted today.


Still my favourite thing to do!



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