So this week I can't claim to have noticed any specific improvement in motion. I'm moving very well now, which in turn makes it pretty hard to identify such improvements. I still get a little wobbly when tired. What has been noticeable is an increase in stamina. I can now apply myself more ardently to a project task until I get tired an then I go off for a cup of tea. ( How British) Last month I would be done for the day. Yesterday I worked pretty hard harvesting potatoes , had the tea, and then went on to walk 20 mins at 3mph on a 5% gradient.

I'm definitely starting to build a little stamina back and I recover from exertion quicker 🙂


There's a price to this! This week I 've been digging up potatoes. My back muscles certainly feel that. After two days of this I pulled up with some very taught and achy muscles all along my left side. This of course was the side that was paralyzed, and I think I'm bringing on line muscles I probably haven't used in over a year.  A day off and hot bath soak with salts helped and the next day I was good to go again.


It's good to feel useful again as Deb was having to handle more than her share of the load to this point.





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That all sounds great Kev and yes when you start to use muscles that have been on strike for a while they will complain about it. The key thing is that you are able to pull up relatively quickly, and are not creating problems for the next day or days!  Feels great when that happens 🙂


And those spuds look so good.

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