The Rona is Here




So there's a ship in port which has the Rona. 


The occupants are not allowed off the ship, but I'm guessing the really sick ones who need hospitalisation will be a different story.


Normally I wouldn't be concerned. The WA government is doing a great job containing it.


My biggest worry about it, is that Wayne works at the port!!


The ship is not berthed at the berth he works at, but it's still a worry.


The photo is of some of town. The house with the arrow pointing at it is ours!


You can see the port and the beautiful beach that the town follows around the bay.





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Janelle, I hope there is no danger to Wayne. I am concerned that some of my friends live in fear of catching it despite our low numbers of people affected. I guess we can't keep shut down forever, the world will intrude on us whether we like it or not.

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Fingers crossed for the town Janelle.  We have to hope that the systems are ready for this sort of thing, it's going to happen unless Australia closes all its ports and I can't see that happening, there are too many things we don't make locally any more.  On the bright side it looks like Victoria is finally winning our battle with the invisible enemy.  We will all adapt as we have to other things. Hang in there and try not to live in fear.

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Oh Janelle, i will give good energy your way. It's running across our little community here as well..Mask, wash hands..  (( huggs))

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