So another week with nothing specific to report. Moving pretty well with jus the odd minor wobbly. Fells a little like driving a car with a worn steering rack, just need a lot of minor corrections along a trip. 

These days it seems I have more to report from the garden. Of course a year ago I was writing gardening off. So we have a big cold front coming in on Monday supposedly down to 22F according to forecast and high probability of snow. So all veg in the out side bed have to be harvested. Part of that harvest was my first broccoli head 🙂 I like broccoli and have tried to grow a couple of plants every year but never get the timing right. lots of plant and no heads! This year we had 2 good heads and a few small ones. 


 Who knows next week perhaps snow shots?



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Brilliant to be able to grow broccoli at all. Looks like that one was due for harvest a couple of days ago (the flowers are getting ready to open) I put broccoli in all sorts of things and it makes a great soup with ginger, garlic and a dash of lemon to finish it once cooked.  Also great roasted in the oven with a light spray of oil. I'll often do that and then put it into salads the next day.


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What fantastic vegetables you have grown this year. I have enjoyed all your blogs and want to congratulate you on the success of your harvest. The smaller bunches will be great in stir fries  and soups. Broccoli is great to freeze so you will be eating it through winter as well.



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