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So I'm so close to normal movement that identifying improvement is a challenge.  I am moving normally unless fatigued but the easier movement leads me to imbalances quite often. However such are recovered quickly and instinctively. I'm steadily taking on more project work and my stamina is slowly increasing. I tend to work mostly in the mornings and still have a nap in the afternoons but not every day, which is a major improvement from 6 months ago when any exertion would need a nap after to recover. 


So Monday was my 69th birthday, which I  have to admit 18 months ago i was wondering if I'd make it to 68! Covid has made is more meal oriented and when asked by Deb

 what I wanted to do I said Id like to start the year with a British Breakfast


Those who are more familiar with me and my diet will know we eat a low fat, vegan diet. So the British Banger & the bacon are all fax-meat. 

We have also developed a habit during the last month of feeding horses a little earlier and sitting out on the back patio to watch the sun set. I must admit its been getting a little chilly lately so we are ordering a fire pit to try and continue the habit.


It can get quite spectacular at times but its also a nice time to chat and reflect.

Well the election has finish bar the counting so I'll probably have the time to rejoin the chat room. 🙂



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I have a nephew who has that breakfast for his birthday too. For me it is a very occasional indulgence. Good that so much has improved that most movement is possible now. There is no substitute for good health.

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belated Happy Birthday   your breakfast looks something to die for lol. glad you are enjoying that scrumptious breakfast on your birthday, that's better way to live long, rest of the year follow vegan  diet. I enjoy sunset too they are so beautiful. wishing you many more of fun-filled birthdays







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