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I Had Lacunar Stroke Not aTIA




I took paperwork to my dr office as usual from nursing home I live in....I was horrified they changed diagnosis to TIA WITHOUT RESIDUAL DEFICITS. 

 Do they think time here on a vacation? I can't believe that somebody would make this change when what happened to my medical records would happen to my neurological reports from  My doctor? So I was furious and I brought it to the attention of the nurse gave me the paperwork and she said oh talk to The supervisor. And of course nothing was done nobody seems to pay attention and do anything about anything around here. I had to call the state because I did not have hot water in my bathroom Because they clamped off the hot water so no water came out of the thing...but they fixed it next day after state came. 

 Anyway I haven't been on here in forever I can't even remember time passing anymore I don't know when the last time I was on and I really miss it I miss having the support amisom my friends I guess not being able to get on the chat I just sort of stopped coming on . Anyway I had a heart attack on Christmas Eve I know that I posted something about that and I was told that I needed a bypass but that I would not survive by pass surgery so instead they put 4 stints in a row And one artery And then they put 3 more stints on the other part of the heart In 3 different arteries My cardiologist told me that I got to the hospital in time and that if something else had not been done for my heart I would have had a massive heart attack and died in I said to my neurologists cardiologists I said isn't that what was happening I was having a major heart attack and I got there and then they give me blood thinners End then you guys put Stinson because I wanted to go back to Nursing homeState give away your Room in 7 daysI talk to the doctors and I said I need to get back so I can live in my Room or my quality of life will be such that I won't care that my life is been saved and they thought I was being dramatic butIt's true I have a really nice Room with one roommate rather than to end I have a window bed in a sliding glass door and I have a table and chair so I can sit outside whenever I want to and life has been bearable since moving into this Room . Note that life in a nursing home is ever truly bearableSo since I had that heart attackI was actually able to survive in have another birthday and I am looking forward to My stroke Anniversary.. In the Spring And I am just so amazed that I have lived this long because I worried about all these stints


At 1st I couldn't breathe will because I was on the strongest blood thinner and I was on oxygen of the timeBut now I'm on plavix which I am still using some oxygen now and then I wish I could just go back to aspirin


I need to get another rfk because my pain is so horrible in my leg. I was looking at the picture of the burning man In Steve's story and I was like yes yes that does it Justice that picture if I could just make it my leg that burning like a Yule log leg. I ask my pain management doctor if I could please have it amputated and I was serious and he said I would probably have Phantom pain. So right now O my plans for having electrode implant  Are out the window because It's doubtful if anybody will want to do a spinal surgery  Or put me under, With all my health problems. So I am scared now about it too and I could see the look of disappointment on my doctor's face. Which made me feel pressured. I am not doing it for him I am doing it for me the rather I am not doing it for me. So right now I am waiting to get the rfk but I can't Do it until I can be off of plavix for 5 days. In the meantime I am taking 10 mg of oxymorphone every 12 hours and 10 mg of oxycodone every 4 hours around the club night and day which With being locked down because of  The pandemic I never getting out Most of my doctor visits are video ones Of course I get treatment here the nursing home So no I am truly in prison. I eat all Meals in my RoomAnd I do just go outside Some times but supposed to stay insideEven know I have a mask.


YeahI colour that's what keeps me sayingI am still sane. And I have a really nice roommate now to chat with sometimes. But I have not been able to see My  Adopted grandbaby Except in pictures Which belongs to 2 wonderful friends of my son who were sweethearts in the high school band and then they got married I know they have a little boy that was born in July 2020 and hes our little pandemic baby his name is Wesley let's give a prayer for this tiny little man.  They put me on Google one so I get to see all the pictures on a daily basis and I wait for that daily dose of baby which always makes me laugh and gives me so much joy because if you could just see his expression you will know that someday hes going to give his parents a run for their money because hes so handsome Any also has this little gleam in his eye that says look out world I am just getting started.


And my son is got me involved in gaming and that's both on my phone and then I have newGame playing thing I forgot what it's called O heck call it a plaice station lolBut anyway I am addicted to playing the Eve gameAnd pokemons. When my son went to work over in Switzerland he was able to meet a bunch of friends and he gave them my code so now I have over a 100 friends that live in A bunch of different European and mediterranean places. It's fun to see the landmarks And that makes me feel like I have something to do during the day.


But I never escape the pain in my leg andmoving lymph oedema problemsSo that is my cross to bear.


But at least I am well.


At least I am notFeeling sorry for myself every day and on this website constantly complaining. But I have missed being on here reading and commenting in sharing and getting to know everybody I miss this very much so hopefully I will be able to have enough energy to take on another hobby.



But I immediately wanted to blog again when this came up because I was thinking that it's is a huge deal when somebody calls a real stroke Only a TIA.  Specially when they just cancel out the deficits that I have to live with daily Ever since 2014. And  I wonder who thinks that there's absolutely nothing wrong with me and that Under I don't have. I mean then why did I have my driver's licence taken away I know I have just a California ID and why Am I taking all of this pain medication? I guess that somebody just thinks that I have chronic back problems Very insulting. And I have a brand new doctor now because I have new insurance you see the medical group that I was going to Order to keep Go to different doctors here at the hdoctors I had to switch the and I had to Anyway I want to get this sorted out because how can anybody understand me if they don't understand that stroke is the most important part of my identity of my medical historyLife history.



I feel super Betrayed. I feel like they  

Do you think that I'm justOver sensitive about this will as a matter of fact I am I am indeed and it is something that has caused me to feel rageBecause it does not do Justice to who I am now and all that I have to endure. I have severe vestibular problemsThing to even know what vestibular problems areIs beyond them. Do they think that this is where I want to be. And I wonder then why they think I'm here.

 So anyway hopefully I will get a chance to talk to somebody about this and I am going to try to get The computer to look at my medical records better. Thank heavens that my son got me the latest cell phone.


It is the joy of my life because I see pictures of everybody and I get Netflix and I play the video game and I do all kinds of things and I say things I keep notes I keep diary at keep my calendar all kinds of things I doAnd mostly I have the freedom to make phone calls. All rightThe nursing home did I live in was once of 5 star but it is going down I think it is to stores nowBut it's 5 minutes away from where I do all of my medical stuff and it's in a very nice neighbourhood so it's extremely expensive and I just expect more from a place like this and it just goes to show that money can't buy everything.


So whenever there's been a problem I have always brought my complaints to the proper people and sometimes I have to call the state now I was told that they would always take care of things and I didn't need to call this date but in the end it's the only way I can get anything taking care of is to call the state.And this past time I was telling the state that they keep asking me if I'm even happy here and I said I think there gonna say because I complain that I need to go somewhere else and I don't want to go anywhere out I am very happy here but I am not happy with certain people with a lack of compassionAll respect. And I insist that those people be kept away from me. But this to people like to work together in my section and so they were having somebody come from another section just to take care of me which was not fair because the person is not nearby and can't see what might call light is on and so I don't get taken care of and one day I had an emergency And I was calling for help and so was my roommate and these people who aren't supposed to take care of me arguing in O sorry we can't come inside and Help you. It waz the biggest fears go it was the biggest betrayal in insult. And so I had to wait and so I reported all of this to this date in I made my demand that they put those 2 people in a different area and the state agreed that was reasonable and allowable and so those 2 people who had been warned numerous times forgiven more times  Will they have finally been moved in there not happy about it. So the man who schedules To me there going to be furious at me so I am going to tell them that you wanted this and you are calling the state about it. Know if I had made my complaint to the state in S to be kept anonymous especially from those 2 people this supervisor waz doing something super shady. But in any case it's so obvious if I tried to be anonymous it wouldn't work I said to the supervisor bring it on. You have my permission to tell  Them And do not ever schedule them  In my sectionagain. O the director of nursing here was not behind me she said she only had so many staff and I said you have plenty of staff. No I told all of this to the state. The lady from the state has come out For many of my complaints so she knows me and she knows that I am not someone who makes a complaint against everyone constantly at the drop of a hat. And she reassured me that I am not the only one with a complaint against those to. In fact she told me that there was a lot of people that had problems with them and I said I know that there's many staff But I didn't know about the people that live here.



But now I just feel so much better happier lighter and the people that are around me are compassionate and caring respectful and I don't feel like I'm a burden or that I requiring too much help and awfully it's going well for the others to. No one in a nursing home should ever be subjected to verbal or physical abuse Also includes emotional abuse Most sinister. Often you are blamed for being oversensitive or for causing trouble and so the emotional abuse just gets piled on until you are buried alive. And so I feel like I have a second chance at being happy again. I never did mention it to my son because I don't like him to worry about me.



Today my son sent me a text that said wish you were here..... Hen he sent A picture of a panoramic view of a fieldAnd it was goldenThe hills were behind it.


He was driving around taking pictures for a project that his band class was doing he still takes a class at the college and of course it's all virtual now but he likes to get together and play with a bandTheir doing something. But when I saw that text I just started to cry because I have not been able to be in the car with him since The holidays and we were putting off seeing each other until I had my last procedure done. And we were supposed to get together for his birthday  But then we didn't The world had not healed yet. And here we are with holidays coming up and I just don't know how I'm gonna make it Without being all slobbery crying. So sometimes they let people come here and visit they open the windows in the dining Room and then you could talk through the screen Are not they are not socially distanced but there's a screen there may be a plastic So anyway with all these people all close together doing this we decided that it wasn't really save and we didn't do it.


And He's worried that hes going to contaminate the place so he doesn't even send me anything that he by because he says hes ordering everything from Amazon so some Sometimes he orders me some stuff.


The only exception was a Mother's Day he sent me the phone and it was in plastic bags and it had been sprayed well with alcoholAnd the bags were layered Is alcohol. And inside waz this beautiful phone with screen saver and a cover. He said that I could get a cover that I wanted but he had bought this at the dealer so I know it was expensive and it's beautiful it's just what I would have picked out I love it. End we text each other Daily mostly.  So there's only one phone in my Room and that winds on my roommates Nightstand So thank heavens that I had my own cell phone .


Anyway this is what is going on with me and so I am grateful to God for the good health I am enjoying and I pray for healing where I needed and I pray for All of my friends everywhere.






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O just wanted to say that there is my picture that I made my gigantic Collage it's actually 1 of 4 collages that I made with my other roommate friends around I don't do them anymore I've run out of Room. Anyway It brings back some happy memories and it also makes me happy to look out what I chose. And it makes a lot of sense in this pandemic. We must take care of each other.

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Pam! Hello!!


So lovely to hear from you!!


I cannot believe they felt it was ok to call your stroke a TIA!!


Yes, I would be very annoyed by that and demand the record be changed! You are quite right in doing so.


So glad you are enjoying the gaming, and a new phone! That will make things easier!


Take care



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Pam, so pleased to see you blogging again. It has been so long since we've heard from you and I feared the worst. Those nurses don't deserve to have you as a client, they are not civil enough in  their dealings with you. I am glad you have reported them. I am pleased you can talk to your son daily, that must make a real difference. Welcome back.


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Pam  :


Thanks for updating your blog, I was worried about you & thought maybe you are upset with us so taking break. I can't believe they would make your stroke as TIA. & you are one fearless lady reporting people to taste & making sure & straightening out those non-compassionate people they are in wrong profession. your son is so sweet getting you good cell phone which you are taking full advantage of. your phone game sounds fun. welcome back we missed you around here



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Thank you Asha & NO I WAS NEVER UPSET about anything or anyone. 


I just have so much going on. I became selfish and busy with hobbies. I watch lots of movies And I color!!! My son got me a great set for my birthday that has 160 pencils!!! I fill books of fairys. My new book is Ocean. I Cannot wait.


I miss you guys, even tho I have been in my bubble.



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Dearest Sue, I think of you  Daily as I put on the lymphedema pumps and the compression garment I use a  circaid juxtalite..... It's just a wrap-around with Velcro and it puts pressure And the nurse has to apply it because it has markings where Things should be lined up to put the right amount of pressure. So I remember you talking about your lymphedema things and I'm walking right along with you. In fact my cardiologist went inside and looked at the veins.He is going to put a stint in one of the main arteries they suspect that's why I keep getting in ulcer in the same spot of my heel.


I miss chat. I am not able to get my phone connected up.  I will try again.

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Pam, my lymphoedema is mild compared to yours but I think of you too. I think you are very brave and an example to us all. Enjoy your colouring and your other hobbies. Take what happiness you can, life is short and we have to make the most of it.

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