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Most weeks during Covid are isolation are very uninteresting, so by Tuesday I'm wondering what to write about. My self commitment to the weekly writing of this blog make me review what progress if any I have been making, which is in itself a good thing! So in this weeks contemplations I realized I still tend to watch and grade most motion I make starting with the walk to the barn every day to fed the horses, however it appears my datum has shifted.  A year ago I gauged progress from my paralysis and how much return of function I was getting. In the review yesterday I realized I had changed and now gauged improvement by how close to normal I move.


This week a couple of rough days slowed me down and so not that much activity.  I did however find time to start organizing my tools in the garage. I splurged on a new tool cabinet as the old (red) one was falling apart. It required some assembly so some mobility.


I then emptied my tools and other hardware on to a mat in the garage and restored the tools in a more orderly fashion. This required a lot of bending over and turning around, which I was doing at a moderate speed. The result was a lot of light headiness. Now when I was in rehab just after my stroke I this headiness all the time and would just push trough. These days I pass most of the day free of it . I am now realizing that it appears to be associated with my brain re-learning balance. If I make a motion which is not part of my regular motion then the headiness comes for a short period. 


Furthermore it seems when this happens it also tends to drain my stamina, so a hour or so of this re-stroing of tools an I was ready for a break and a cupa. It took me 3 days to do what would have taken 1 before , but I got it done anyhow 🙂


I have come to accept the the headiness now indicates motion and associated balance are been relearned which is a good thig!!



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It is great the way you push through the physical hurdles to regain a previous level of activity. I have noticed those changes too. A tidy toolbox makes a difference to the time it takes to do a job..

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Kev, that headiness as you call it drains stamina in a big way. Brain rewiring takes large chunks of energy to do. But it's worth it.

That new tool box looks magnificent.

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