Wayne is 50




My amazing husband is now 50!


My next blog entry will tell you more about the market day.


Back to Wayne.


We went out for tea to our favourite pub with my parents and Wayne's mum and our kids. It was a really good night.


A few days later, we went to Perth for four days.  We did a few things, like shopping and appointments.  We also caught up with our Perth friends for Wayne's birthday.  There were 14 of us for lunch. It was really great, except walking from the restaurant back to the hotel we were caught in the rain!


The hotel was amazing.  We got the most amazing deal in a five star joint. A real luxury. 


Back home we organised a party for 28 people at home. We had the party catered, but there was lots of organisation to do, from invitations to organising the food and hiring tables and chairs, and the music playlist!!  Then tidying up!


It was totally exhausting, but he's totally worth it!!





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Sounds like you put a lot of effort into making Wayne's birthday memorable for him. Those good memories will carry you through when the going gets tough. Good for you Janelle. Happy Birthday Wayne.

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yes even when you outsource the tricky bits there is a lot of work in something like that. Glad you celebrated and had fun  exhaustion is sometimes worth it.

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We did Sue. As Wayne doesn't really have a good relationship with his mum, we wanted it to be special. 


Totally exhausted Heather, but the fun was definitely worth it!



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wow you made wayne 50th birthday so special that's so nice. I bet you both created beautiful memories to last you for lifetime, you both deserve this,




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