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Christmas video’s




Just a short entry today. As I mentioned some time back I am trying to learn to play the mountain dulcimer. I started practicing a year ago and have made a bit of progress. I am self taught so not perfect by any means, but thoroughly enjoying myself. I just finished two Christmas videos and I wanted to share them here. They can be easily seen by going to youtube.com and just typing in my name, George Gradek. There will be three videos show up. “Christmas medley 1”, “Christmas medley 2”, and “ode to mum” which I came up with as I was practicing Michael Rowed The Boat Ashore the day after mum passed away. The words just came to me so you can view it if you wish.


so now that is done, I am deciding what I will attempt next. Hope somebody enjoys the videos.



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Just listened to your songs George, well done you!!! Nice to put a face to your name too. You have made so many improvements in your life through dogged determination, you have my admiration. Happy Christmas to you and Lesley. 🌲

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Thanks Sue. All my life I have admired musicians and enjoyed music, but never had time or money to pursue it myself. Somehow the passing of my best man friend last year triggered me to get on with what was still on my bucket list and I woke up one day and decided I was going to try it. So I went down town that day and bought a used instrument at a small price to see if I could even do the basics. Now I can’t wait for my daily practice sessions! So far I am self taught with the help of the guy, now good friend, who sold me my first instrument and books I have picked up and some hints from Lesley.


because of age and my stroke the left hand has difficulty doing some of the things I would like to do musically, but I am finding work arounds.


you may remember a blog I wrote several years ago about jamming the night away once playing music. At the time I had zero expectation of ever even picking up an instrument let alone actually playing it. Since we have many new members on this board now, I might repost that blog from the past one of these days, is that allowed?


thanks Sue for the encouragement.

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Repost your blog with an update first and then the copied blog. That way people will know it is a copy of something you wrote previously and not current information. It is good to achieve something from your bucket list.

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