Little report on the recovery side this week. I had to go down to Phoenix for an MRA, an extended type of MRI.

The magnetic resonance angiography (MRAscan takes very clear, detailed pictures of the blood vessels, including arteries and veins, using a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine. 

3.5 hr drive down, an hour in the tube, and a 3.5 hr drive back. We needed to set off at 6:30am and got up very early with a planed hour just to kick back and not be rushed, Then Deb opened her e-mail to 250 'Toys for Navajo' responses. We have been trying to help a Navajo friend get donations for children's Christmas presents, and a video he had posted on Facebook made it to the ABC 15 news! Deb started hitting replies as fast as she could while I worked on an auto-reply to give donation info back while we were away.

We've been getting help Oregon across to the UK. Lots of donations typically $25 and one for as much as $1,000 the project is powering ahead and presents are already been dispersed:)


The last couple of days have been hectic dealing with enquiries to help. We even have football players from the AZ Cardinals driving up to give out presents! It suddenly feels a lot like Christmas and it has been very uplifting to be a part of the effort.


Merry Christmas to all!



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