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I am reminded of taking it slow




I had my surgery December 14 and yes my mom was able to come into the waiting room and she was able to come back into the pre op room for a moment. She waited in the waiting room and my father sat in the car( his choice) and read . I think my surgery took roughly 2 1/2 hours. I think I saw her after my surgery . I think I messaged a friend, I was very medicated. I then was taken to a room for the night. Reason being I got out of surgery to late to fill my pain medicine. My pharmacy closed at 5p as did the hospital out-patient  so the decided to keep me and to watch my swelling and pain. I'm not going to lie.. It's not fun. They had to basically cut me along my right ear to get into the joint. As basic as that may sound, I already have vertigo ( balance issues) and now swelling and trauma near my ear, which is another sense that controls balance.. So basically balance upon balance issues. I get motion sick often when I do ..really anything. The healing was getting better but I was told not to wear my night mouth guard for i grind my teeth.. I was wondering why I was having a harder time with eating my soft chopped diet I was allowed. Well I began grinding my teeth at night and making the pain so unbearable. Pain meds were not even helping. I feel like my jaw is wired shut. To open it is almost impossible but, on a positive note, I was given permission to wear my mouth guard from now one so hopefully that will help a great deal. ((sorry picture is slanted)) IMG-2776(1).jpg



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After all you are going through, I really hope the surgery is successful.  As with stroke, recovery is slower than you would like.  We are all there for you - be sure to reach out if you need a virtual hug or a shoulder to cry or whine on! I hope that wearing the mouth guard will help!

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kelli :


sending you positive vibes, ope you feel better soon, this shall pass too, sending you all positive healing energy.



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Good Morning Kelli;

  I hope Sunday has moved you another day forward with your recovery and this procedure is successful and you are as comfortable as possible are are able to rest with some quality sleep while you heal. 

       Sincerely Wil 

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Looks like no fun, I'm a grinder too although I stopped using a night guard a couple of years ago, as it didn't really work for me. Its seems odd that they didn't want you to wear it when it's purpose is to reduce the motion of the joint they have just operated on. Sometimes I wonder about doctors, they don't seem to be very good at cause and effect sometimes (like telling someone without use of one hand to keep stitches on the "good" hand dry for 2 weeks, I laughed in his face)


I do hope the healing goes well for you and the balance problems at least return to pre surgery condition quickly.



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