So Christmas has just gone by, my second since stroke. I can't claim any noticeable improvements this week but considering I'm running pretty close to normal unless fatigued , I'm not complaining.

As many of you know, I eat vegan due to plaque and trying to keep my cholesterol down. So Deb out did her self this year with help of some products from Plant Based Meats | The Very Good Butchers – The Very Good Butchers US


It was a very good xmas day, starting with a call from my mum in the UK followed by bacon butties, which are an old tradition in our house ( faux bacon of course). Present opening followed before sitting down to a 3 course meal; vegan caviar; roast stuffed joint ( again faux meat) Brussel sprouts, carrots  from our garden and mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce.


And plenty left for seconds.


Then the piece de resistance, a home made vegan 'cheese cake'.  (sorry cant get this pic to rotate.)


Then a couple of zoom meetings with friends & family. Followed by the compulsory watching of 'Love Actually'. A really cool day 🙂


As of Xmas day we had raised over $13,000 for the Navajo toys for kids 🙂


So merry Christmas and a happy New Year 



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It's good to celebrate special days like Christmas in the traditional way if we can, this year was slightly different for a lot of us. You did well, love the decorations and the table setting. Of course our summer Christmas is very different but there were eight of us here and we had fun. Tomorrow is New Year's Day and it looks like the pandemic will continue. But we have been here before and know how to live as safely as possible.. 

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