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Happy New year & glad to be still here after suffering another stroke




Happy New year every one. 2020 is finally over & 2021 is here, & I realized our son is my guardian angel who saved my life multiple times.


First time when he was born he was such a big baby & way too comfortable inside, sot they had to induce me so that our prince will be born  but he started to show sign of discomfort so doctors had decided to do c-section, and he was born at 9-1/2 lb & 22 inch long baby, so I ended up in the hospital for 5 days on bed rest  & even though I had hole in heart  everything was fine & we came home happy.

second time I had taken him to his doctors appointment & then took him to my Gynec visitin my  care thinking nothing of it & suddenly my routine pregnancy gynec appt turned into night mare, doctors realized I had started dilating & will have to deliver our baby prematurely, so ambulance & dad were called leaving our 7 year old son in the care of receptionist till dad reaches doctors office.  that delivery, baby's death & my stroke day later became nightmare for our family. though our son was my guardian angel since for him, I was ready to fight all my dark thoughts & try to be best mom possible even after my stroke. I thought about ending it all, but knowing that will be huge disservice to this innocent child who we brought in the world so lovingly. So I decided to fight on those dark thoughts & pushed tem aside, So basically here again my son saved my life.

third time on dec27,2020 suddenly I had weird vision i issue at home where I could not see for little bit & then in few minutes it cleared up.it was as if I was seeing black blob on persons face & can't distinguish features. I was all rattled so mentioned it to hubby &our second year medical student son, hubby & I thought about mentioning to my eye doctor when we visit him sometime in Jan  & of-course our doctor son argues & tells us to go to ER right away & get it all checked out when we both started resisting , his argument was like you tell me pay ticket right away then this thing is also very important get it all checked & doctors can see things in cat-scans & MRI right away, so off we both went to ER expecting its nothing.  They admitted me right away & did Cat-scan & MRI & found out I had suffered minor stroke what the heck luckily it got cleared up & I font have any permanent damage. So again my guardian angel my son saved my life. I was in hospital for 2 days, came home & kido also came home for holidays. So 2020 for our family was not too bad I suffered stroke but I am still happy to be home & back to my old self, realizing kido is indeed my guardian angel, & has saved my life multiple times . though after coming home he has gone & played basketball with his friends & fractured his right hand index finger, so dynamic story of our life continues





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Asha, I am so grateful that your son insisted you go to the hospital. And grateful that you didn't have any  further deficits!

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ASHA so glad your family got you to hospital to be checked out. As you know Ray had many strokes each different in onset and the deficits that accompanied them. Never ignore strange signs, as we know here fast action is the surest way of stopping brain damage. Glad all is well now. (((hug))).

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