Cold but Dry




This week has been pretty cold we were at 6F yesterday (-15C) and we stayed below freezing all day. Other that wrapping up well to feed the horse at dawn & dusk we have been hiding way in the house all day. Not good for the diet as I'm working off less and tending to snack more! Still stable at 186lbs.


With the weather shutting down my activity I can't say that I have noticed any particular improvement in motion, but I still do my 20mins at 3mph on a 5.5% grade and it certainly does not tire me as much as 6 months ago so it seems my stamina is building ūüôā


An aspect I have not thought of so much until Deb reminded me is cognitive functions. A few days after my stroke I could not write. Well I could move my hand in a way that I thought was writing but the results looked more like ancient hieroglyphics! I had trouble talking and my reactions were such that I would not drive. When I did start driving it was with the tractor and   still hit the barn a couple of times. I had some computer coding that Deb wanted me to do and resisted as I feared my logic might not be up for it.


Deb's comments this morning showed me I have been so obsessed with physical recovery that I was taking the cognitive recovery for granted. She pointed out 18 months ago I was in speech therapy for English and today I sent an hour talking on Skype in French!  


So that's in for my weekly blog this week! A bien tot! ūüôā



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Wow an hour speaking French would be a challenge for sure. You might need to design an indoor workout for small movements, thinking shoulders, knees, ankles. I know Ray used to stiffen up in winter. And there are a lot of ways to improve writing and vocabulary on the internet so plenty to keep your mind improving.


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yep jigsaw puzzles are also a great cognitive workout too, and if you do real ones they also work on fine motor skills that tend to get forgotten when you've been working on gross motor skills.  Another good one for winter is the adult colouring books.  Recovery never stops so long as you are challenging yourself

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