A Little Snow




so this week was rather windy and cold so we hid in the house and indulged in several movies. I'm ready for a bit better weather so I can get to work in the garden. I think I may be levelled off on my recovery, or at least its hard to detect any improvements. I am trying to increase my stamina and have increase my treadmill walk 1% of incline to 6%.I still get just a touch of headiness in new balancing situations.


We awoke yesterday to a covering of snow about 2" or 5 cm. Any precipitation is very welcome in this dessert! The snow on the concrete base of the barn was super slippery, so it gave me another challenge to my balance.


I have reduced my snacking in between meals but my weight stays steady. At least my other project; to improve my French is going well and is great fun.


I'm ready for this winter to be over !!


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Good to hear you are learning French, hope it comes in handy one day soon.  Hope you're snacking is on something healthy. I need to go on a stricter diet as it is blood tests next week and I will be seeing a new doctor so good results are the aim. The following week is the PET scan to check for signs of melanoma, fingers crossed for nothing new showing up.


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