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Unknown phone calls.. but with a happy twist




We all get unknown callers and thankfully our cell phones have caller ID. I haven't had a land line forever. I was paying for a land line and I understand in an emergency that is ideal to have but when I did ALL I got was spam. Back in the 90's and early 00's my family, who lived in another state(s) away, we often sent a fax .. ( remember those) for none of us, family, were into small talk. EVER. So we'll write it all down and say it in a note, If follow up was needed of course we'd call. Now, I say all that as a granddaughter of the sender of most faxes sent.. even my parents, who live down the road, and I talk via text unless I go down there. * they don't just pop up at my door for they never know what kind of day I would be having that day .so they know if I go down there.. it's a good day* Talking on the phone now isn't one of my favorite activities for I can't correctly hear my own speech and , with Aphasia,  I can't read a person's face if my talking is off, especially of person's I don't know. There are a small handful of people who I will talk to on the phone outside of family and . you guessed it, most are stroke survivors or my best friend from before the stroke to today who gets me but even though we text when I am having a bad day.




I started in a new group Home earlier this year and I go into work yesterday morning only to be greeted by my co worker donned in full PPE and my first thought was … How is this going to work with these guys? But yes we have to be in full PPE for a precaution for another co workers daughter was tested positive and was at work before she or her daughter knew. I have a new , deeper respect for nurses out there for I saw my two cousins, both nurses , having to do it all day.  But I tell you that to tell you this..


So on January 19th I received my first vaccine and was waiting to more to sent and the state to , once again , open up testing for 2nd dose. I was in the grouping of healthcare 1A group but the scarcity of doses caused my appointment to fall around the same day that was open to 65 & older and 18-64 will health issues that would be more likely to contract the virus. I'm not complaining for I think it was a great time for them to be open. ( side bar:: my county was the #1 in Vaccine takers in the state of New Jersey) I had been trying to set up my 2nd dose, 28 days later, for where I had received it wasn't able at that time and by going on the website the state offered had some places available, within 100 miles of me, but they were only giving the 1st dose to people.


So today-


I'm mopping my kitchen floor and my phone rings and a number with no name on it and more then likely it's a telemarketer so I normally don't answer these but I also thought it could be one of my co workers whose numbers I do not have. Neither.. 

It was a nurse from the County Health Department and she wanted to set up an appointment for me to get my 2nd dose. She explained to me the state was going to call those who are due for them. And on the 28 day mark. Oh Happy day!!! It's a late Christmas miracle lol   




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Kelli :


great you are getting both of your doses, we have been trying to get our first dosage, since I fall in 1A category & need my dosage to be safe. today drove to PA since we found out walk-in was available from our friend who got it for his mom, but unfortunately they have stopped walkin now onwards.



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