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I feel so blessed and realizing God has been alongside me & carrying me through my life in good times & in bad times




recently I connected with my childhood friend  in India on facebook & that inadvertently brought in friend who was relentlessly teasing me & professing love for me in those teenage young years in India . I ended up just talking with the guy  at that time to make him stop that endless teasing,  luckily as soon I went into engineering school, he realized  & gave up the chase. So  I nicely finished my Engineering college with peace & married the guy my parents chose for me. Now fast forward 30 years & he finds me back on facebook & starts talking  & I thought hopefully now must have grown up being married  & having child must have make a person responsible & mature adult, but I guess not. Suddenly starts talking rubbish, so I banned the guy talking with me ever again, but this whole incident made me realize how lucky I got in making right choices in my life even at the tender age of 14-16. & God has been guiding me & caring  for me in my difficult time too. Two of my best decisions in the life was becoming engineer  & marrying my husband who is greatest enabler. He is best father, husband  who is blessing to be around when your chips are down & feeling bad about yourself. He can guide you with the light in that dark tunnel of life. & in making of both of these decisions my family  & God helped. I just feel even after stroke God is carrying me through this life. My stroke could have been so much worst than it is right now. I am still living full lovely life with my loving family, who show me their love through their actions every day. oh BTW according to my old neurologist he said event in Dec 2020 was not stroke & it was just seizure  from old stroke  & stopped the killer blood thinner I was on. So I am still here with renewed appreciation towards life & my family.





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Hi Asha, Glad to hear that the Dec 2020 event has been resolved and was not another stroke. Fingers crossed no more seizures, that is scary. If people don't respect your boundaries on Facebook or anywhere else, blocking them is the right thing to do.

take care and hugs


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ASHA, as usual you encourage me to look at life with a different perspective. I am thankful too for the direction  my life has taken. So glad your December epesode was not a stroke and no further problems detected. Enjoy life with your family.

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God is absolutely watching over us - gently guiding those that want it. Dan used to have seizures all the time... they are rare now, interestingly seizure drugs can cause seizures - which is why he had a couple years of a lot of seizures . kicked off the meds and now not so much... Glad your in that good place of appreciation. NancyL

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I hear God's quiet voice in messages I read and see and hear seemingly by chance,If you are open, these help guide you.

I have been  guided in many situations ,Now I feel like my regeneration will rise with Spring, in the warmth of the sun.Hope I heard correctly, only time will tell.We are going to Florida first week in April, we will see what might be.

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