New Days



This week was about changing focus onto stuff I can now do again or do new. I still caught myself indulging in my rehab mode, where i judge the quality of movement but less so than a year ago.

So I have been creating a second , and bigger warm place to start seeds. Below your working on it.


Just to the right out of view is my existing 'plant house' in which we already have stated tomatoes. These are due for transplanting to bigger pots this week.



In addition to gardening we had a break in the weather and got more typical Arizona winter days, freezing at night and up in mid 50s by afternoon.

Sunday was so nice we went for a long gallop. When we dismounted my legs felt a bit wobbly. Of course two days later I was paying for the ride with very sore upper inner thigh pain.

Not unusual as often the first rides back to the saddle will result in stiffness.  

What was interesting is that neuroplasticity had learned to walk again, but it turns out i need to re-learn how to walk again with stiff muscles. I got on my treadmill which actually has helped slack those help reduce the stiffness but I only managed 10 mins before fatigue kicked in (normally I do 20 no problem)


So my new attitude of working forward on reclaimed activity is going well, if a little painfully. 🙂

The top pic this week was from an indigenous friend up in Monument Valley. A sun rise and a good reminder that each new day is to grab the day !

Cheers Kev


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Looks great Kev.  My physio had me doing "jockey" squats yesterday. was interesting. I had to sit astride a large foam roll and do squeeze and release of the knees and then tuck my feet back behind my knees and do partial lifts.  I hadn't ridden a horse for years before my stroke and I'm not likely to again any time soon. But I have greater respect for those that do now I've been reminded what is needed.

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I think you are doing very well Kevin, and with the new outlook will accomplish some amazing things. I guess summer will be interesting with longer days a test to your stamina. As we say here: "good onya mate".

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Tomatoes are my absolute favourite! The growing shed looks great!


All the best with the learning to walk with stiff legs. Will make rides much more enjoyable. 



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