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A little scare




I had my annual PET scan last Friday, then on Tuesday I got a phone call from my new Melanoma specialist, could I go and get another more specific CT as there seemed to be an "anomaly" on my liver! Well panic stations for me as I contemplated what would happen if this was related to my original melanoma. So I hurried into our nearest town and had the extra CT. As usual the staff there were very kind, used to assisting people who are expecting bad news. But they are not allowed to tell you anything, that is up to the specialist.


Wednesday was my specialist appointment so Shirley came down on Tuesday night and Wednesday we went down to Sydney. Well the news was good, no sign of the dark spot seen on the previous PET so no worries. My body was scanned by the oncologist for anything that might be a cancer precursor and again no bad news - everything was okay. Then an extra source of good news, I could have an appointment with the lymphoedema therapist in the same building in the early afternoon so if Shirley and I went for lunch I would see her after that!


I was so pleased, in the three years so since getting the lymphoedema I had not seen anyone other than the nurses from the local clinic. The amount I paid was more than twice the doctor's fee but well worth it as the consultation lasted an hour and every question I had was answered. AND I am now allowed to fly as my condition has been declared stable as long as I exercise for four minutes every half hour. I can walk in the hydrotherapy pool as new research says as long as the water is not above blood temperature it is okay and swim without the stockings on. 


How wonderful it will be when I can also take the sockettes off for a brief time to wear something more glamourous than slacks. And she also suggested fake tan on the lower legs and nice sandals. Wahoo! Glamorous sandals! I'm estatic! On the downside a couple of new problems have shown up but will be on a watch and wait basis so another PET scan in August to see if they are still a problem. I am happy with that outcome, I didn't want any more operations for a while. And maybe there won't be changes and no need for that after August.


I needed that sense of freedom, I want to travel, I want to go away from here maybe even finally visit friends, that if Covid restrictions allow that to happen. And that is the problem, we still have borders closing every time we have a new outbreak of Covid and that makes travel uncertain. But that's llife all over the world isn't it? Life as we have lead it for a year or more. So I can fly but planning a holiday is still risky. But that is the story of my life really.


I do know I am blessed, by present day good health, by good friends and particularly Shirley and her family. I had Christopher here last week for a few days to do some of my jobs that need someone taller as I am now in the shrinking time of life. I have my ups and downs as we all do but on the whole am copimg well with no reason to have to sell. Let's hope that lasts for a while.  Life ahead is unclear but when I look back at my life I guess it always was.




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Sue :


I am so happy all is well  & nothing to worry about. I sometime feel we do get time to time this reminders to show us who is in-charge here & adjust wind beneath our wings, I know thats what it was with me with stroke diagnosis. God just wanted me back on the ground & not do too much high flying lol.


Asha Chandra



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Wonderful news Sue and I do hope you manage to plan a holiday soon. Although all these snap closures suck, hopefully once they get the quarantine workers vaccinated the frequency of escaping virus is going to reduce and we'll be able to move around more. I want to go to WA in November so I'm watching all this with baited breath, will need to have a plan B ready for if I get caught out.


But I'm trying not to let the uncertainty stop me.


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Been trying to find  you on facebook.   Can you PM me and let me know how you're doing.   I tried to do a blog post on here and it disappeared again - I haven't been on here in a while and lose track of how to do those things.   lol




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Sue, that's wonderful news!


Holiday planning...love it, but if plans came to fruition that would be so much better!


Heather...do tell!!  We are only 5 hours north of Perth...



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There's a Red Hats Convention in Perth that I'm booked into, 5 days of refusing to grow up with other people who are like minded 🙂  The plan is to hire a car afterwards and head down to Margaret River for a week or so (I've never been there). I might be able to make a "side visit" up to your neck of the woods, and certainly will if I get stuck by a closed border or similar. I need to talk to my Support Coordinator about maybe getting a worker to come with me and do the driving and bag carrying etc.

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Margaret river and surrounds are beautiful!

We are 8ish hours north of Margaret River...we went there on our honeymoon 



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That is such great news Sue! These triumphs mean a lot I'm sure! I know they would to me. I'm so glad you have Shirley for support and to spend some needed "take care of me time" with someone you enjoy spending it with! Thank you for the update and sending prayers and all happy thoughts for the scan in August. (((HUGS))) 

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