Kind of a chilly week here,  not as bad a s Texas though!  It has kept me in a bit , but i did manage to get out to the green house aa couple of times. I managed to finish the wiring of the right side of that starts shelving i showed in the blog last week. It required a lot of up and down movement and some time down on my knees reaching under the lowest shelf. Normally that kind of motion would have triggered some major dizziness and it didn't 🙂 However it did tire me quickly. my movement is quite good these days but the stamina is still low. also I seem to recover from such tiredness  quicker though. I'm generally get ting more done around the house and  garden.


I did have a balance issue when I tripped against a raised bed and toppled over. It was not exactly a fall as it was kind of in slow motion and i managed to to get a hand out and lower my self to the surface of the bed. That did challenge my balance enough to trigger some of the old dizziness.

Any new balance requirement or challenge and the dizziness reappears. Still no big deal, just an observation.


Yesterday the weather finally cracked and cold morning 8F was up to 55F by the afternoon, So we got in a nice log ride. We stayed at the walk for most of that so hopefully we wont be sore today. It was very pleasant out there and we saw a herd of deer, the first of the season.





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Good you managed to break your fall, saved more medical issues. I look at tiredness as something to do with my age. If I have had a satisfactory day then the tiredness is okay. I do try to have a day at home occasionally as a catch up day too. Keep your pace steady and when your Spring comes you will be ready.

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Yes on the when you can't stop it it's better to roll with it, literally if possible. It was one of the ways I knew my propriaception was improving.  Early on I would not know I was falling, I would just suddenly be on the ground going "what the H happened?"  Over time I have learned to notice when a fall is happening, sometimes I can recover it, but often it's a case of going "too late, here we go, curl".

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