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how doing simple things increases your self confidence & make you feel good




I am avid reader & love reading self help & inspiring books. those books make me realize accidentally or out of self preservation I have been doing right things  which normal people will think its common sense thing, but for me those were fought hard & bumped into brick wall & then learnt lessons kind of a deal which helped me immensely in rebuilding my new normal again. like I had said earlier  recently after reconnecting with my childhood friend I started paying attention to my looks & weight. & after consultation with the Nutritionist who went over my daily food in take & suggested some good changes which I can easily implement  in my life with some healthy lifestyle changes. after doing this simple lifestyle changes & also after doing Yale course online I have started doing meditation & some floor exercises just 2 days in a week, all these simple changes in my life making me feel so good about myself & feel so much in control of my life & about myself, & I can see myself evolving as a person this year, not afraid to make decisions for myself, since I know now I do have capability to get us out of fix.



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ASHA, so good you have another opportunity to make some changes in your life. Little adjustments can make a big difference. You are going into Spring and hopefully have a better summer ahead than last year. Make the most of your life, it goes too fast. Great to hear you are looking at yourself with fresh eyes, there is always room for improvement.

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