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I don't do this often and forgot where this stuff is to be added sometimes. Grrrr....

PB& Jelly daggers

 For our 4 hour car ride to my daughter’s,  my wife (who does all the driving)  makes PB&J sandwiches so we don’t have to stop and eat. Even bigger than that we are not big fans of restaurant food anymore anyway.  April is the throw nothing away queen so the past several sandwiches I got were made with a jelly my daughter gave us because she didn’t like it. I don’t blame her but now it was being  served to me. After complaining about the horrible taste a couple times she finally trash it. 

 Now the daggers. We try to keep an open, civil discussion about the crap that comes with this brain damage. A few days before our Easter road trip April was telling me from the next room that she had bought different jelly. My mind says “YES” I’m good, talk to you later. Nope! April being April (I do love her) joking around insists on listing all 7 or so flavors. Grape, ouch, brain dagger, Strawberry, ouch, dagger…….. What it made me realize is that with this damage I like the basic information (new jelly) but things I don’t need to process can be like daggers sometimes. Sound familiar to anyone.

 Other than that ramble I hope all had a nice Easter and everyone stayed safe. I’m reading Michael J Fox’s latest book “No Time Like the Future.” The similarities of what and how he deals with his continually advancing Parkinson are somewhat alike and some of his insight has been enlightening. ONWARD my fellow strokers! 









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Thank you Asha I have been very fortunate to be in close contact with myself and understand things about me mentally and physically. My path and treatment has been anything but normal or typical, my results have tremendous I would have to say compared to. That is the only gauge I have to go by. My wife has begun using aroma therapy in our room at night. Lavender has been her choice and it seems to have some Neuro and physical benefits I'm noticing in my left arm and leg while lying there at times. ONWARD! 

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I suspect my late husband Ray had some of that response to multiple choices so I can relate to that . Everything had to be slowed down for him and I would say something like: " Do you like grape? " Then ask about strawberry etc. Maybe explain that to your wife. Also his taste had change so sometimes what he had enjoyed before his stroke tasted strange after. All of life is a learning curve.


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Thank you swilkinson. Your experience is something that helps with these things. I know Ray was very lucky to have your care. April and I discuss pretty openly. I was telling her I had posted the PB&J story and we talked about all of that. Then we usually laugh because she tries so hard all the time. We both get I'm type B and she's an A and has a bit of an OCD issues. Not especially good combination when the B is stroked. Ha-ha It's her though and it's worked fo over 40 years and I know you understand.  

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