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I feel blessed that I married such a secure & confident guy who is always enabler




like I said before recently reconnected with old friend who used to proclaim that he loved me, but was so insecure that minute I got into Engineering  due to my good grades & he did not, he stopped the teasing & chase, I guess he realized I was in different league now. So I very nicely finished my undergraduate degree in Engineering & after I finished my degree parents found guy who was more educated than me   & was here in USA pursuing his graduate degree, hubby met my brother & sister here, saw my picture & came to India to meet me & then if we both agree then marry. So he came to India, we met two times. said yes & got married in a week in India in 1991. hubby came back to USA in couple of weeks & then I had to wait for my visa to come, unfortunately or fortunately that process took a year so I spent that time living with in laws & bonding with my sister inlaws, brother in laws  and countless nieces & nephews  & my mother in law& father in law. that was our courtship period of writing letters to each other & be worried about visa issues. hubby is very smart guy, since his family was conservative so working outside home was not allowed so he asked me to learn computer skills, which I did. & finally when I came to USA after a year based on  my undergraduate degree, programming skills, and also thanks to networking of my brother I got job right away, and lo & behold since I had green-card  I started my first job with pay higher than my brother & hubby both.  hubby is such a confident guy instead of feeling threatened by it he was always proud of his wife Ashu  who was making more money than  him. he encouraged me to pursue my graduate degree  while working full time. Now when I look back & compare that looser friend I feel so lucky that I made such a great choice at that age for my life. I wouldn't be able to stand Male chauvinist pig kind of behavior from a guy. So I realize choices in my life has created my destiny, & having parents means mom who was strict & always wanted  & expected us to excel in our studies  made a huge difference in my life & I am forever thankful to her for that. So I am just realizing instead of feeling threatened by my early success, hubby provided me his shoulder to climb on & do well in life instead of feeling insecurity. & even after when I had to stop working due to stroke  he had no airs about him making so much more now than me, So I feel so blessed.


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Wow ASHA your husband is an exceptional person. Having a mother who considered education for girls a waste of time I struggled to educated myself. But in the end I have always been where I was needed so I have had a good life anyway. And taking the opportunity to serve others was drummed into me by my father so that has been a great educating factor in my life too. Like you I am able to appreciate what I have.

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