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Ive known a gal and her family for 25 plus years -- not super close, but that connection you get with people you meet sometimes. Kinda like a mirror- they seem just like you and they are - you are genuinely happy for them and vice versa. Words can not communicate the bond. there simply was not a need for the daily communication. after Dan stroked I watched there family from afar - they were the mirror of what our family used to be and would have been minus no stroke. similar- ages , beliefs, values, childrearing , and work ethic. Well her husband had a massive stroke similar to Dans -- left brain -- extensive the whole 9 yards. Im so dishearted - they are good people - why them - why so close to me - why the connection - that guy was also in good shape , like Dan hardworker - healthy. the kinda people you only wish good things for them. And here come a massive stroke that will disrupt their lives. He is still at that critical stage - on a ventilator - cathed, getting a trachea put in tomorrow. He is most likely ( but miracles are possible) IS NOT gonna walk away from this . It is playing out like Dans. Of course Ill share my knowledge ( I think Ive had virtually every bad a stoke can throw at a person )... and Dan is/ was always a bit of a knucklehead. My friends husband was not . But the husband is getting the depression going  on .... So ill sit on the sidelines and watch , we have communicated frequently since the stroke - but I of course will help with any little bit of knowledge I can . Ive said this often on here--- those GODDAMN STROKES !!!!! expletive, expletive -------



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I know Nancy not fair at all. Mine was the typical bleed on the right brain side on Valentine Day 6 years ago. The left side of the body top to bottom gone suddenly. I was very close to a major hospital and got help pretty quick and although the damage was still devastating I may have prevented even more damage. So I do have mobility there but no sensation. I was also in good shape for a person of my age. Your help and knowledge and understanding here will be priceless. Only the strokers get this 100% but I know from my wife's caregiving you guys come very, very close to understanding. Good luck with approaching this.











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Nancy we caregivers have an ocean of experience and sometimes we get to share it with others. We often do this with a view to helping them to fast track some of the experiences we struggled through. I find I can still answer a lot of questions but now wait for people to ask them first. There is so much to learn as a new caregiver and you can get emotional overload sometimes.


Why do bad things happen to good people? I wish  knew the answer to that. Experience that stretches us strengthens us. Living through traumatic events in our lives shows us how to go through the process of healing. You and I have been there. So sad we see others struggling but be there for your friend and help her as much as she allows you to.

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So sorry about your friend's stroke.   Hopefully you can be of help to the friend in getting through the worst days of it.   I tried to offer help and suggestions to our middle son, Joel when he had his stroke in March, but he's totally turned away from me.   It's almost like he's blaming everyone for his stroke since it's so similar to his Dad's brainstem stroke - same area of brain (just that son got to hospital and got t-pa shot to minimize the damage).    




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Oh Nancy, what a shame for your friend and family.


Thank goodness for you and your knowledge, it will help them through those times when no one seems to have answers.



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