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I keep on coming back & marveling at my own life & amazed by how it has shaped up my life with my own choices



I do believe wholeheartedly choices we make in our life creates our destiny, I know that for fact. I have made some great choices in life & some not great, that's why I am happy with wherever I am today in my life. I feel all those experiences were needed for me to become the person I am today. Some choices I made out of my own stubbornness to prove it to parent(Mom) I am no less in my brilliance just because I am girl & should be provided equal or more opportunities because I am capable  & thankfully due to support of siblings I was provided those opportunities. saying yes to hubby was another great choice of mine. I shiver thinking what if I messed up there & married some other guy at college how my life would have turned out to be. Stroke was accident happened because of my dumb choice in life though stroke experience opened me up to all big questions of the life & I could see real great positive sides of the hubby who is great dad, enabler &  thanks to his support I again developed confidence in myself. Still thankful to be around to enjoy life & seeing our son doing well in his life  makes me so happy, since he was the only reason I did not jump off the cliff after stroke, since I thought hubby can move on in case I die but I did not want my son's life ruined by step mom. So any time kido gets mad at me for micromanaging him, I tell him that's my job & that's why I survived lol.






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ASHA, I am glad you feel the way you do about your life experiences, good and bad. It is a sign of maturity that you are able to do so. So many struggle to accept something that changes their life as a stroke does. It is good your son is doing so well and making you feel happy with the way he has turned out. Keep on doing what you are doing, it seems to be working out well..

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