Good Week / Bad Week




Why can't a good week just be a good week?


These up and downs play havoc with my emotional stability.  I comfort eat, don't drink enough, if any, water. Don't sleep well...drained physically and mentally. 


Connor turned 17 last week. In Australia, you don't get your driver's licence until you are at least 17, and (in WA) done at least 50 hours on a learner's permit.


So on Connor's birthday he sat his test and passed. Happy boy.


We also enrolled him at TAFE (from what I can gather it's community college) for next semester doing a pre-apprenticeship in Heavy Duty Automotive. He's extremely happy about that.


So that was all awesome stuff.


Bad news.


Carrah was waiting for her bus on Monday afternoon and was indecently assaulted. We took her to the police station to make a statement. She's been to counselling, had a few days off from tafe (she's doing a diploma in visual arts) and trying to keep it together. 


She's great at home, it's when she's not in her 'safe' environment she's not going so well.


We are gutted. One, that this happened and we couldn't protect her, and two, it happened. 


What's wrong with the world??


My emotional instability is messing with my balance, too. Don't know if that's normal. 





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I should think having a lot on your mind might mess with your balance, particularly lack of concentration. So sorry this happened to Carrah. I had a similar experience at about the same age. There are always predators in every generation. I hope with some counseling she regains her self confidence... Unfortunately we can't be there all the time to protect them much as we want to. Congratulations to your son.

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Oh Dear, poor Carrah. Congrats to Connor and to you for getting them both through those stressors. So glad that Carrah has been to the counselor about the assault, but its a process and there is no quick fix, so she may need to keep talking for a while, I do hope she is able to adjust and put it behind her but it takes as long as it takes and there is no right way or time to be "better" from such a thing.


Hugs for you too, such things hit the whole family hard.


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congratulations to Conner & whole family for awesome milestone. Sorry about Carrah, there are bad people everywhere, and you feel so helpless, but kids are resilient, & soon all of you come out of that experience stronger. It wasn't carrah's or your fault that it happened, maybe next time got to be more careful in shady neighborhood. keep pepper spray handy or something.



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Good news about bad news...


The guy who assaulted Carrah has been caught!!


He has been charged, and is out on bail. 🙄


Even if he 'gets away' with it (the police do an amazing job, the courts let them down) we are so thankful the police were on it, didn't give up and found the guy.



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