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Yet again; It's been a while since I have blogged (or much else honestly)




I want to start by saying I need and I miss my friends and support here at Strokenet. It's been somewhat of a tough year for me I suppose emotionally, mentally and physically. I know I'm not alone when I say "I'm so tired". Man, am I so tired! I'm not even sure what was going on in my life when I was more active in the forums and in my blogs... I'll have to go back and pay attention to when it started to fade to catch up on where I am now (well what's been happening since then). 


No one knows that I have started tons of blogs and it ended up floating into the blog beyond lol. Trying to maintain my thoughts can be pretty hard these days and as many of you know I'm not one for quick updates... More like small book updates. I should really work on that and maybe have better success!


So, this has been a year like no other for me anyways. I realize that our history books will change soon and in 50 years everyone will be talking about when the new virus hit the world. I think back to when my history classes talked about such events in the past before me and I realize how much I never thought I would ever live during "an event". My perspective has really changed since before my stroke and I am less afraid of a lot of things. I'm not sure "afraid" is the correct word. I think maybe I just am more at peace with the finality of life and death. I know, sounds pretty morbid 😁 but I think honestly too... living in less fear is freeing and I enjoy it more.


On the other hand, my cognitive lapses just seem to affect me more and more. That definitely gets in my way! So, I'll put a disclaimer here. I hope this blog is somewhat fluid and others can make sense of it because it is possible I might wander here and there lol. I am about to take a mental break and will start where I left off hopefully. (Literally-a necessary nap is coming). Be back soon!



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Tracy. Part one seems fine, very readable. Welcome back my friend. Don't expect anything but the warmest of welcomes from me! Huge hugs to you.

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Hope the nap was restorative. Part 1 is certainly very readable and coherent. I agree with you about the living in fear thing. Do what needs to be done to stay safe but try not to let that turn into fear.



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Tracy welcome back, we missed you around here & your part 1 was quite coherent, I was able to follow it through. For me coming out of this stroke ordeal alive helped me realize I am stronger than I give myself credit for. you are still here for a reason  & there is room for improvement as long as  we are willing to work on it. who knew as we get older g through so many losses & joys through life & gather wisdom for lifetime. Enjoy the journey





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Tracy your blog is very heartfelt.  I think we all can relate.  I appreciate your honesty and willingness to share your feelings.  That is hard for a lot of us including me.  You are always a bright spot in our chat group.  I'm so glad that I have gotten to know you and be a part of the group.  Keep on blogging.  It inspires others.  

Hugs to you,


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