we are back home from our amazing vacation



We are back home happy & safe, this year we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. I am usually vacation planner at our home, I wanted to go to Greece, but due to covid uncertainties hubby's suggestion was we should go somewhere in USA only.  one of our earlier vacation we took in USA is California with our son who was still baby & was in car seat  & in diapers, we had drove from sanfranscisco to Arizona covering all national parks,17 mile drive in Monterey Bay & had so much fun, We wanted to create same adventure this time just two of us. so hubby planned the trip  with just rough idea that we will do 17 mile drive on our anniversary & then drive north on pacific crest highway on route  101. hubby did plane tickets booking, rental car booking & 1 day of hotel, I stayed completely out of it, & off we went, & it turned out to be the best vacation of our life. At the airport  rental car guy  gave hubby ford mustang convertible  instead of ford fiesta car, I was in total shock, asked hubby did you find out how to open this hood, hubby is like no we will figure it out at the end of our trip. I am like what the heck, so I googled & lo & behold we found the YouTube video & learnt how to do it, from then on our trip was  with no planning or booking at any hotel, we will just wake up  have breakfast & go  & visit the location for few hours & then just drive on north pacific scenic highway going north  & we picked furthest town in northern CA, did lake tahoe in CA & in nevada both. we saw mother bear with her three baby bears crossing roads in lake tahoe then saw so many Elks & mooses in crescent city & in Eureka, we saw sequia state park & drove through biggest redwood forest.  At the end of every day while having dinner at 5:30-6 hubby would book our next hotel. We met great people along  the way. on our 30th wedding anniversary we went to indian temple near by to thank God for all of the blessings in our life. I am now looking forward to our 40th,50th anniversaries together. I feel so blessed to be married to my husband. feel so grateful for this second shot at life


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ASHA, so good you had such a great vacation, your husband is a brilliant planner. What joy to see bears, elks and so much wildlife.I am so glad you had a fun time.

We are still in lockdown for another four weeks so my big adventure ends at my back and front fence. Never mind this too will end.

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Congratulations on 30th anniversary and may you have many, many more wonderful adventures on future anniversaries!!




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So happy for you and hubby.  God has richly blessed you with a wonderful family.  Thank you for sharing your vacation memories.  I look forward to chatting with you next week.


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