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Keeping busy in lockdown




I am still in lockdown, just as we were due to come out of lockdown our numbers in our local government area (LGA) began to rise. Only about 25 a day but with all the other late winter ailments that send people to hospital ours can't cope if numbers get too high. So the stay-at-home order continued. I am disappointed that once again I will miss out on a visit from any of my grandchildren for their school holidays. I so look forward to Trevor and Alice coming but once again that is impossible.


Today is Day 76 in lockdown and tonight I will do another entry on my Facebook page and tell my friends what I did today. Not exciting stuff but people seem to find they can relate to it . I guess it is a little like Seinfeld's program, much ado about nothing. I keep in  touch with as many people as I can from church an the other groups I belong to but it is no substitute for seeing them in person. Life is hard for single retired people but harder still for my disabled friends in the WAGS group who have so few resources they can count on.


I still talk to Peter every second night, we have been doing this for eighteen months now. We talk about everything and nothing but it breaks down the isolation for us both. His LGA has been released from lockdown so he will have more to tell me about his day. I also still belong to the nightly prayer group so have a different form of communication with that. I sometimes attend church by YouTube and this morning attended West Armidale, the church Peter attends, by Zoom. My old iPad is good for Zoom and  Messenger. So  you see me on Facebook and want a chat that's fine.


My garden had been my major occupation since the beginning of the lockdown so it is good that it is showing some results, more blooms, stronger plant growth. I also potted up bulbs, daffodils and jonquils and have enjoyed their blooming. In past years I have been do busy with other pursuits and my garden received little care, so the lockdown has enabled me to spend more time on it. I can still call in to the local garden centre and buy seedlings as that is considered helping my mental health. Although that is the more expensive part of gardening it also adds t the pleasure.


I still crochet the cat mats for the RSPCA, write letters, sort boxes, do the housework etc. I know for me it is good to have a routine but also to have the opportunity to change it if I want to. I think I am finally contented in my own company, something that has enriched my life of solitude. I know it has been a long time coming as it is nearly nine years since Ray died now. Sometimes I feel sad, upset, lonely but that is inevitable. My children have busy lives, I cannot see my friends in person but I still have a lot to be thankful for.


So friends, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, be well, keep safe. And I will do the same. We need to come out of this with a new purpose in life. To live life to the full.




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Oh Sue.

I'm so grateful you have contact with others via social media etc.


We absolutely do need new purpose in life, after all this.


Mind you, we haven't even begun.  We watch the rest of the world in disbelief. This cannot possibly be happening.  WA is absolutely FULL of conspiracy theorists.   Makes for very interesting conversations. 


Take care Sue



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I try to be positive about the lockdown which looks Iike going on until the end of October. I have a daily diary on Facebook that a lot of people seem interested in. I do try and keep in touch with as many people as I can because I have time. Housework can wait. But it is sometimes emotionally tiring as most people are going to tell me their problems. Anyway one day this will be over and I can't wait for that to happen.

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