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Strokenet was down for awhile- I guess




WOW its been since April since Ive posted, tried to log in and it said error. Anyhow Happy its back - I was worried. This site has lots of valuable information - lots of stories .  Dans not doing well - he's got some gastro intestinal bug, been to the ER couple days ago, followed up with his doc, he seemed to feel better for a bit and now he is suffering again. Seems like its always something- But thats no different than anyone else. I just wanted to check in. Oh the friend who's husband had a stroke, has had a pretty good outcome. Much better than Dans - so I am happy for them. He probably won't be able to work at his old job, but I think he'll be able to do some work and drive and maintain independence . Makes me glad and sad - I compare my world to theirs often and think - wish Dans outcome had been better. But I am happy and jealous for them. If that makes any sense-- LOL I really shouldn't complain - we have had many great things happen in the decade since Dans stroke. Many advantages others don't have , and I am grateful. 



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I'm so sorry for Dan's gastro issues and glad he is on the mend.  Comparing strokes amongst others who had better outcomes is only human and we all do it but towards the end you said, "I really shouldn't complain - we have had many great things happen in the decade since Dans stroke. Many advantages others don't have , and I am grateful" and that is it. 💓

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Nancy, in the last nine years since Ray died I have gone over and over what I could have done differently, what we could have done to prevent his stroke etc. But every time I come back to what I would have lost I had never met the people who have been so important in my life since then yourself included.Then I come to the conclusion that life is how it is meant to be

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Truth - to both of you who responded. Dan is feeling better, sadly we missed our newest granddaughters first birthday - but via face time I got to be included and watch the party for a bit.  So all was not lost this past weekend - and we didn't have to drive 4 hours ( one way) to be part of it. I've learned through the years don't push Dan it never ends well. And I have learned -- if you have no bad in your life- then you really have no good either........

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Very true Nancy, you have to keep smiling the alternative is too hard to live with. Enjoy what you have and try not to dwell on the might have beens. Glad Dan is feeling better, tummy bugs are no fun when you can't run easily (they aren't much fun when you can either 🙂 )

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