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going with flow




I from time to time look back on my life's journey & realizing one of the best quality of myself  which is going with flow & have lot of fun in all situations. I do get upset when something does not go according to plan, like my stroke or breakup with girlfriends in college, I have realized after struggling for few days or months based on the crisis I am in, for example stroke crisis took me 9 months to get out of that despair mode & find my even keel to be able to go with the flow. I have realized when I have stopped resisting change & allowed myself to go with flow something really wonderful has come out. Though I do feel I am very impressionable in a way that if you say something negative about that trait then I will not value that trait as much, but I am realizing as I am getting older my life is so much full of joy because of that trait.





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ASHA, you have not only lived that life but inspired others, me being one of them. I was thinking a few weeks ago that one of the reasons I got through the lockdown so well was that I was able to go with the flow, doing whatever was available to do. Thank you.

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