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Three weeks to Christmas



Since we've been out of lockdown the time has gone so fast! There is so much more to do than housework, crocheting and gardening. There is more social activities in my Iife and more charity and pastoral care work. I did get away to Armidale for a week which was nice but in that week weeds sprang up, spiders got busy spinning webs and there seemed to be so many extra small tasks to do when I came back. So the weeks fly by.  


I have been writing Christmas cards and starting to collect the goodies needed for Christmas Day and the week before New Year. Only four of us for Christmas Day lunch and then I'll be alone for dinner but friends are calling in later in the week. Then the day after New Year Trev and Alice arrive from Broken Hill. I am so looking forward to seeing them, they will be here for two weeks! So I'll be  busy till mid-January. Hopefully further Covid restrictions will not prevent that from happening.


Are you still worried about Covid? Some people here are.  It has really got seriously depressing as far as some people are concerned. The weather isn't helping with a lot of gloomy days and much less warm and sunny days than usual at this time of the year. I am not unduly worried, with my past medical history I take each day as it comes. I try not to waste days so if I can do outside work that is fine, if not there is plenty to do inside.


I want to do more traveling once Covid is not dominating our thinking. It would be great to visit old friends and catch up with my sister-in-law in Queensland. But the borders are only just opening up again and school holidays are coming so March or April will be soon enough. Unhappily I am not getting any younger and am aware that my health may be an issue in the future. 


For those who knew her sadly Bonnie Stockman has just died. Bonnie was my supervisor when I first became a chat host. She was so lovely to me, even sent me postcards, she said to show me she was a REAL person. Many people wil remember Bonnie from back then. Sadly her husband John died and she changed over to Widowed Village where I became reacquainted with her.


I have been so thankful for the wonderful people that I have met because of Ray's stroke journey both here and in my local life. I still have morning tea with some of the caregivers I know and love from Ray's Stroke Recovery group WAGS. And I stay on here because I have made many good friends on this site.  Good bless you all.


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It is still amazing to me the stron friendships that have formed since and from the fact I had a stroke to begin with. I pretty much lost all of my regular friends but I can tell you that the friends I have made in this community are the kindest, most inclusive and accepting people I've ever known. Now that alone is certainly a blessing.

Sue I am so glad youhave made wonderful friends as well! So very sorry to hear about Bonnie and I sadly think I never got to know her here. Happy Holidays and may the future bring us much freedom to visit those we miss so much. Prayers to all and God Bless!

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Sue :


it was so shocking to hear about bonnie through her daughter on facebook. I had met her in seattle on the roadside few miles from her home while going for our Alaska vacation. She was kind soul. I have met some very brve souls trough this site. & they have given me strength & courage when I had low in my initial survivor days.



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ASHA Bonnie meant a lot to me because as Tracy said the people on here understand us much more than our friends do. So they become our friends who just live in another place. I'll always be grateful to the people I've met on here.

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Bonnie was a true tour de force. A gentle soul who was a pillar in the community. 

On 12/20/2021 at 3:51 AM, swilkinson said:

ASHA Bonnie meant a lot to me because as Tracy said the people on here understand us much more than our friends do. So they become our friends who just live in another place. I'll always be grateful to the people I've met on here.

Well said and yes she was, I'm glad she was able to be with her husband, xxoxx

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That's sad about Bonnie. May she rest in eternal peace.



Sue, we haven't had lockdowns etc north of Perth except for in the very beginning...March 2020.


When it hits here (it's coming) we won't know what hit us.


Hopefully everything stays good while the family is with you.



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