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My word for this year is SHINE. I am not sure for the moment exactly what that means but I am determined not to let the new form of Covid take the colour out of my world. The numbers of cases is high, the government in its wisdom no longer publishes statistics or areas affected so we live in ignorance BUT I will not be afraid. Fear is why my three grandchildren in Adelaide have not come up to stay with their mother this summer holiday. Fear is why there were no Carol services and we are back to wearing masks in church. Fear is a kill joy.  


So I have to be fearless. I have to do as much as I can to live a normal life. That has been easier with Trevor and Alice here the past week. Living with an active nine year old is very stimulating. Each day is a different experience and it starts when we get up and finishes when we go to bed. I really do wonder each day what exactly we did with our time but who cares? This is summer. Admittedly it is a wet summer but between showers we do outdoor things and when it rains there are movies to watch, card games, pictures to draw, stories to tell.


I had Shirley and Naomi, Cate from church, Garry one of the Muffin Break gang and myself on Christmas Day for lunch which went well. Cate stayed for the afternoon. Then Peter came down for a few days and we did old people stuff, morning tea or lunch out, drives along the beaches, two of the flatter beaches we walked along. Nice to have him here as I enjoy his company. Then Peter went home and Alice and Trevor arrived so it's been so busy the past few weeks. A contrast to some previous years when I have been on my own most of January. Each day is a blessing when you have company as a widow. 


 Trevor always tackles some of my odd jobs. It is good to get the back door to slide properly and a good time to buy something for him to set up so I bought new handsets for my landline and a hard drive to store photos on. We took down the Christmas lights and I'll get some help with high cobwebs. Between times he and Alice do whatever you would do at a summer holiday cottage. I love to see them relax and enjoy the coastal lifestyle. Where they live it is hot semi desert country so a trip to the coast does them good. 


This is a short update but there are things to do today. Stay safe, keep well, I'll be back soon.


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That's a beautiful concept, Sue, having a word to define your year!!


I'm going to have to think of one!


So glad that Alice and Trevor are enjoying their time on the coast!



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