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Happy New year




Happy New year every one. I am not into making new years resolutions though I like making  one word resolution for a new year, but I have never done any, I am always go with flow person & incorporate  any good  thing I like in my day, recently I have started doing guided 10 minutes  meditation on weekend along with my floor exercises, now I have added doing rosary two times a day  in the morning & night, it re-centers me & makes me happy starting day on a positive note.  I am realizing we got so lucky with our India travel, we attented two weddings traveled by train, plane to village & US respectively & stayed safe. Now I am hearing so many covid cases within close family members, luckily all  are doing well. recently watched Gary Zukav  discussing his old book seat of the soul with Oprah on her Super soul  Sunday series. Some of the things he was mentioning was similar questions I struggled with after my stroke, 1. what is the purpose of my life, 2. how do I know what I am doing is right  or wrong, both questions I struggled  with & found answers on my own  which  I find always gets validated by these great thinkers,  I found these answers by struggling , and fumbling with dark thoughts then finding joy,  so want to share so that others don't have to struggle & find it readily. answer to my first question was  purpose of life was do the roles you are playing in life with full honesty, it could be mother,wife,sister, daughter, employee, volunteer any role you are playing in life,  do it with full honesty,kindness,cheerfulness.  second question I struggled with when doing something for our kido & in his younger years when he would fight & resist  that he doesn't want to do any new activities  like his violin practices, sticking with any sports if he is not yet very good, & I wasn't sure myself  whether I am doing right thing or not. I was sure about education but extra curricular activities I wasn't  sure. but I realized after struggling & seeing the results now I realized always check your intention  whenever you are struggling with some questions, if you have good intentions behind it then stick to it & things will turn out to be just fine & this is what Author Gary Zukav was also mentioning in his book seat of the soul, so I feel good that I was on right path. Anyhow hope you all have healthy, happy & prosperous new Year.




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ASHA. I have always found my purpose in being there for others. I feel sometimes I am guided to a certain place at a certain time to meet someone else's need. I don't know how you know exactly which way to go, whether something is right or wrong but maybe as well as intention there is that twinge of conscience when something is NOT right. And going with the flow as you have taught me works well for me too.

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Sue you nailed it to for me. I get real amazed by serendipity of events how sometimes right people, right books comes along where I am supposed to be, and when I jump on in those events or opportunities something amazingly beautiful comes out, finding this site helping brother, our son's school when he was little, now recently met my childhood friend unbelievable.



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