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Rain at last but too much of it!



It's raining here, it has been for days. There is minor flooding in the creeks locally and there has been one drowning death. A man who drove through flood waters against advice and his car washed into a creek. So sad. I have had to redig drains because of increased flow and patch a dirt wall at the top side of the house washed away by one of the downpours. My Ray set up some " temporary" drains 30 years ago and now I'll have to do something to repair the damage. Of course that is reasonable wear and tear after all those years.


Today we are all busy watching the situation in the Ukraine. I lived in a migrant area as a young girl and know some people who came from that area so their pain is my pain. I have always seen the world as being interconnected, that was my Dad's doing, it was his world view which probably came from his prisoner of war days when all were depending on each other. A salutary lesson for us all. Anyway I feel for the people of Ukraine and for those in other trouble spots in the world.


I have done nothing exciting in the past ten days. The usual church attendance, craft group, shopping days were done under stress as I rushed from the car, umbrella unfurled. Other than what I had to do everything else has cancelled or postponed including a BBQ with the Stroke group WAGS. So life is really not what summer is usually like on the beautiful Central Coast. If the humidity would disappear life would be better though. Crocheting has increased and so the production of cat mats but gardening has not been possible without a snorkel. 


The advantage of course of a wet summer is no bush fires our side of Australia. Western Australia has heat waves and bush fire threats so feel sorry for Janelle in that respect. We all deserve to be able to enjoy the summer and take advantage of the coastal lifestyle but too much hot sun or too  much rain can be a spoiler. There has still been a lot of extra traffic as this is still our tourist season. But I feel sorry the tourists have outlaid their money to be kept inside by the rain.


I am keeping in touch with friends by phone, Facebook, email etc. As of today the mask mandate is over and we are encouraged to get out and about, mix, attend, spend and generally boost the economy but I am not sure I am ready for all that yet. With numbers still high in those catching Covid daily I am not sure mingling is what I want to do. Tomorrow is Sunday so church and then a quiet afternoon. My social life is quiet, my family is busy and the television is full of bad news so not a good outlook.


Perhaps the rain will lift and we will go back to hot and sunny days but there will be high humidity after the floods. And mosquitoes as well of course. So for me it's a quieter life until the sun shines again.



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I agree with you about mingling. I understand why the government wants us to forget about it and "go back to normal" but I think I'm not quite ready for that yet either. for the moment I'm still wearing the mask especially in places like shops. Do what's right for you and ignore those who think we are crazy.


I hope you don’t get washed out to sea. Good luck with getting drains sorted out. 

Banjo this is Australia during climate change, Summer doesn’t end until April.


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Yes it's fortunate I am high and dry but a lot of people in the lower lying areas of the Central Coast now have water surrounding them. My sister in law in Queensland is still isolated on her small farm and my friend Cate can't get back home. More and more people are flooded in in Southern Queensland and on the north coast of New South Wales.


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Yes it was South Wales they were reporting on now that you mention it. I'm weak on my geographical knowledge when it comes to Australia. Sydney and the band shell there and the uninhabitable outback about covers it. Traveling there has always been on my bucket list but it would take a lot for that to happen now. So glad you are safe on higher ground and don't have to deal with this mess.

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Still raining on and off. Floods further south and west of Sydney now.  Hopefully by next Monday conditions will improve, we are all a little over this monsoonal rain. I went shopping today as we've been told fuel prices wil go up and the cost of groceries will follow. So much for 2022 being a better year.


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