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Another good technique learnt today in my life's journey today though it will be harder to follow it




I am spiritual being having this human experience. & I like to read, watch & learn from this thinkers who have spread their knowledge through religious books or spiritual books. I love reading, watching & listening & learning from this books. Today heard good line from our hindu bhagvad geeta book where God tells his disciple who was struggling with tough questions in his life. God tells him  that start looking at every event in your life without labeling it as good or bad & then fighting against it & creating unhappiness in your life, instead just accept them as they are, without any label  & you will always find joy. This made me go AHA isn't that truth, we don't know the future so even the event which looks very bleak right now can also be bedrock of maybe breaking you open to the new way of life which might be more fulfilling than just rushing through the life.& who knows something which seems good & desirable right now maybe will be the worst thing for you. so It is always good idea to look at whatever is happening in your life without labeling it as good or bad &  just say thank you to cosmic powers  who still gave you new day here to learn & grow from it. I know this is very hard thing to do but its good practice to follow. " I should just do my part & then don't worry about the results & take all results with same emotions not very happy or sad about outcomes.





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Yes very true Asha, if it's raining on your picnic it is hard not to feel that that is bad, but the veg grower next to the park needs that rain for his produce and you want his veg to grow so you can eat them later.  So it's pointless feeling that the rain is "bad". Just remember that singing in the rain can be fun if that's how you approach it, and so long as you have warm dry clothes for afterward you can just enjoy the rain.  Although the people north of me might find that a bit hard right now as the floods are getting very big. The reality of life is that there is only really right now, this moment, so you need to feel the joy of being here right now.

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Heather :


that's perfect, you nailed it  thank you for another beautiful view point which makes me go YES



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Hi Asha, I've just started reading The Dreaming Path by Paul Callaghan. As someone who is open to alternative ways of looking at spirituality and living life it may be of interest to you. Ive no idea if it's available in the US yet. Paul is a first nations man and he's written the book in conjunction with his Elders to help explain their life philosophy to others. It's written as story, story is how knowledge is transferred from generation to generation by our first peoples. I guess similar to the hindu bhagvad geeta, but would be interested to hear your thoughts on it.



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Heather :


I tried looking for the book in our library & on Amazon could not find it  at both places. I find Bhagvad Geeta as very practical handbook for all of us human who are facing some of the similar questions Arjuna faced in battlefield  of his own life, we also as humans face similar questions during our lifetime. I guess if you live long enough you are bound to go through ups & downs  of life, & I am  learning so much from these spiritual books.


Asha Chandra

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