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Keep going, you'll get there in the end.



When I wrote this the blogs were not working. I am surprised the title posted although the content did not. I stand by this saying though. It is keeping on keeping on that gets us to our destination. That has always applied to my life.


A lot has happened since I last blogged, some good and some bad. I did have a great Christmas,  I saw all six of my grandchildren in December, the sad news was that I only saw Naomi at her other grandmother's funeral. That was on the 15th December. My daughter and family moved to Kalgoorlie in Western Australia in November. That is a four hour plane ride from here. They came back for the funeral.


I had Christopher, their son, up from Melbourne to go to his graduation in Newcastle University with a degree in Biomedical Science. He stayed with me for two weeks. He has already completed one year of his Master's in Biomedical Technology in Melbourne. My three Adelaide grandchildren were also on the coast so they and their mother were also with me for Christmas Day, so lovely to have four grandchildren around the table.


Trevor and Alice came down from Broken Hill in the beginning of January for two weeks. Alice is ten now and is nearly as tall as me. We had lots of fun doing jigsaw puzzles together and some special times out and about. We also had meet ups with the Adelaide grandkids and it was great to see them playing their computer games together. I love seeing that. I am so blessed.


That enough for a catch up. Hugs to all.




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