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lot has happened in life time to catch up



lot has been going on in my life, some good, some not so good, but we still making progress & moving forward. will start with not so good news, recently my 81 year old mom after her back surgery suffered stroke which left her paralyzed on her left side, though luckily being in rehab she got TPA & other treatment right away so her stroke was not as bad as mine, but due to her age & her existing precondition of her body her recovery was not as swift as mine which made her hugely depressed & angry at the world & we all siblings were at full loss on how to handle the situation. then she had to move back to sub acute rehab place for 80 days from acute rehab  & there slowly & steadily her condition improved atleast she was mobile enough to walk & more independent so finally came home, in those trying days we were trying different methods for her to be less angry & still be grateful & do things which are required for her to do it to be able to live happily & make life of everyone around her also less stressful, which accidentally happened when I told her to write Gods name in book which will be placed in the foundation of the temple being built in India, & that suggestion clicked & as soon as she started doing that, everything settled her anger also subsided & she also started seeing more recovery so her hope also came back for better life. & During all this chaos our son also finished his MD degree & matched in Pittsburgh children's hospital for his residency. So finally he is off our payroll & will start paying his own bills lol.recently for lent I started new habit where in my coffee instead of sugar started taking honey & that switch has worked for me & stuck.

Other than that I have been reading great books & learning new things online. recently started reading great book "all girls filling station's  last reunioin after reading glowing comments by another blogger  about it & author Fannie Flagg wrote the following: in the book  “Thanks to Dr. Sharpio she had learned that being a successful person is not necessarily defined by what you have achieved, but by what you have overcome.” &  reading another twist on that sttement by commentator  which I liked more  which says "successful person is not ONLY defined by what you have achieved, but MORE by what you have overcome.”. I am enjoying this book, and by this definition of Dr schapiro can label myself as successful person by what I have overcome & still find joy at the other side. Some days I feel so lucky & blessed that I overcame that darkness & persisted to see all the light & joy & be able to see our son doing so well & getting old with my husband whose spiritual side I am in awe of.




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So good that your Mom recovered so much and that her anger left, I hope she continues to improve. You have always been open to new ideas and that's benefitted you and all of us who have read your blogs. Congratulations to your son, I hope his residency goes well. 

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