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great AHA moment for me



some of you who know me well through my blogs or by interacting with me in person will know I like to read nonfiction spiritual books,self help books. my hubby is my sounding board for lot of these discussion about life in general. after reading all these holy books  from different religions, I finally understood some important things about life. I strongly feel choices we make in life creates our destiny & those choices we make are based on two things, one is genetic & second is how our thoughts get conditioned by what we watch, read or listen too. but in the end its still our free will what we chose based on our preconditioned notion or genetic factor, we chose some action & it can give you some results of that action, it can be good or bad, results not in our control, some actions like eating unhealthy food & then saying oh man I got weight issue or other ailments.  those making food choices for oneself is in our own control.  I  feel taking responsibility for your action & work on improving yourself & make better version of yourself  & have fun every day is purpose of my life. be good human being & play all the roles  I play in life with good intention  & with  best of my ability is So  purpose of my life. is  to become better version of myself is my thinking & with my free will I can make good choices in life & become best version of me.



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