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Do I really have to go back to work?



Just like the ol saying, another day, another dollar....ewwwwww

Anyhow, I'm awake and my bf is still sleeping, so I thought I'd blog a bit.

I wanted to make sure that I wasn't making a non-reality impression about my relationship with my bf (who is the stroke survivor). This is in no means a "bashing" just a little reality check.

As much as we love one another, there are still things that we continuously have to discuss. No biggies, just everyday things that most couples talk about or should. Like finances, who does what, how we feel, etc. There are times when my bf's impulsivity tries to get the better of him...lol I'm laughing now but at times it is NOT funny at all. I just tend to take a step back, recall that it's not meant to be offensive and wait a bit to discuss my concern with him. We, daily, grow to get a better understanding of one another. I learn of his "quirks" and he learns of mine. smile.gif It's really no different from other loving relationships, except that sometimes there is need for more than one reminder about some issue. Some people may look at stroke survivors with sympathy, or even pity. I look at my bf as OMG, such wonderful determination and strength!!! He apologizes at times for what he calls, "rambling"...I look at it as his wanting to express his thoughts to me, to share with me. I find that extremely wonderful. I don't have to really ever worry about what he thinks or feels since he lets me know continuously... That part is different from other relationships...usually a man tends to hide his feelings and thoughts...not Mine.

One thing that I think about is whether or not, when he believes he has me hooked real well, if his wonderfulness will cease or slow down... I tend to think not. That is another area different than most other relationships. The continuality of it all. At this point in my life, I truly believe that I have been greatly blessed to have met this man of mine. Just a fyi, I really ran from him in the beginning. I had never known anyone with such determination to make someone theirs as this man did. He decided that I was who he wanted as a life partner and went full force ahead in gaining just that....along with a devoted deep love. And although, we are continuing to learn more about each other daily, so far there is nothing that I have learned that could sway the love I feel for him. The love just grows deeper and stronger as each day passes and maybe, just maybe, this is the man that will be sitting beside me in our old age, holding hands and thinking back on the good 'ol days. cloud9.gif


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aww now now my love ty for the complimentsbut heck its the truth ad theres no maybe u will b sitting there with me old fritle holdin hands

on the fronnt porch sipping ice cold tea in rockin chairs watchin and listing to the rain and no u dont have to go back to work ever ! ive shown u how u can not cloud9.gif

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brezie and stan:


I am happy for you both that you guys fond love of your life, but what's going on here, is there is something which I am missing,



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I am glad for you both. You sound like a compassionate, intelligent, sincere person. You are both lucky you found one another.


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