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Seeing yourself




biggrin2.gif We had a family get together yesterday, because of the Canadian cousins coming to visit. It all went very well and it was good to see the "girls " again. It is 4 years since we were out there.

A lot has happened in that time- their mother, my aunt-in-law, has broken her hip. On the mend now, but has taken the stuffing out of her. She is a lot frailer now.

The youngest cousin also had a stroke. She didnt go into alot of detail but she was very stressed, had really high blood pressure( over 200 she said) and severe headache. The first Dr put her on pain killers and told her to take a couple of days off.To cut a long story short she eventually saw a Dr who ordered an MRI and then it was discovered she had had a stroke!!

Wow she then took 3 mths off. I guess she was very, very lucky as she doesnt seem to have any residual symptoms. I dont think I heard much about it as I think it happened just before my stroke. Who knows,maybe I was told and fogot. unsure.gif

My yougest neice was also there. She was learning to ride a bicycle with out stabilisers. She did really well she managed it Clap-Hands.gif

My brother in law was videoing it. He then started to video us all.

I was OK when I was sitting down, but I got a real shock when he videoed me walking. I just happened to walk into the shot. I couldnt really believe it was me, it was bad. I had kidded my self I was doing oK, but that bought down to ground with a jolt.

I will get over it ,I suppose, you have to. It knocks your confidence and self -esteem a bit.

I am now going out into the garden for a coffee and sunshine. Hopefully that will make me feel better.



I am going to have blog again today as I like using my goodnight smilies biggrin2.gif


I have come back- its 11.00pm here Neeeedsleeep.gifGoodnight.gif



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I know what you mean about seeing yourself and having a jolt of reality. I've noticed what I look like and how I look like in store windows reflections. I always cringe and think God! You walk awful. But it is a fleeting moment of negativity, it passes and I forget about it. I think my trick into deception is that I act and carry on as if there is nothing wrong with me. If I stopped to consider how I appear to the world at large, I'd stay in bed and never get out. Reality checks are good for us all.


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yes it is quite a shock...but I figure hey I am walking and that was something I had to learn all over again.. and I did...who cares if I look like a had a few drinks at lunch.....I am up and moving and doing the best I can...pat yourself on the back..you get where you want to go...


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