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Tuesday's blog




well I am sitting waiting for company to arrive...

My mother in law and step daughter are arriving today from Phoenix I am looking forward to seeing them both and happy for my husband. His step father passed away in February so we are glad mom is getting out and about.


Mom is almost blind.. an accident when in her twenties took one eye, she has been fighting glacoma in the other for years. she had a cornea transplant a year and a half ago.


while recovering she was mopping the floor and the mop slipped and hit her in the eye...broke the new cornea..the doctor's don't recommend removing it..she could lose all sight..I guess it is tricky to get out the broken cornea.


Weather in Phoenix has been 114 to 116 degrees....this week we have sunshine and even into the high 80's yesterday... I have a blanket a quilt and a big afghan on the bed for mom...she freezes up here ...lol


I have been cleaning and shampooed all the carpets... I am tired....


the weather is good so the dogs spend most of the day outside napping in the sun or digging... they are older now so out of the puppy stage.


I am glad I have time to sit and relax a bit before they get here....







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