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5th Birthday Party planning in progress...



I am planning on hosting a b-day party on Wed. July 27.

My baby, will be 5!!!

I think I am doing okay, thinking wise and thought organization(which was blown from the stroke).

I have the goody bags ready with names and surprises in them, Pinata is filled, cake ordered, snack foods bought, cups,plates,drinks.

Hubby, will be designated ice cream scooper and cake cutter.

We are just having family over, and a few friends, nothing big.


This is only my 2nd time to throw a B-day party at home, we have gone to Chuckie cheese the last 3 yrs.


It was nice, to go there, but I think it has gotten old to everyone, guest and B-day girl.


The price is about the same, party at home or catered.


Planning the party is giving me something to think about, and plan for.


Last yr. I was still pretty crippled up from stroke and my mind was disorganized too.


It feels good, to see improvement,from something, other than physical.


If I can get a 2nd wind, I plan to go and get DD school supply list bought, so hubby can start writing her name on her things. My new dominant hand is very elementary in looks:(





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hey Amy:

once we move to our new house, I decided to throw party at home for wild 6 yr boys 15 of them, I and my niece had organized games for kids, and did an hour long party with kids, after hour, I just left kids alone for a minute to get cake from upstaris and plates, and when I come down, all Ashay's toys were spread out in the basement, all out from their bins and kids running around, it was so wild, that was last party I celebrated in this house, afer that 2 years there were no b'day parties for Ashay

I think I will celebrate his 9th birthday party



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