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John Hopkins...




I went to John Hopkins today (Baltimore MD) and we did a tour of the hospital as we waited for my Dad to go through surgery. We visited the statue of Christ in the rotunda and on the outskirts of the room were ledgers where you can write prayers. I spend some time shedding tears and reading. How intimate those thoughts were. I was a voyeur. My Dad made it through just fine and we were all relieved. Spending time with my Mom and two sisters was priceless...in each others company. Kinda down in the dumps today. Missing my son who is off in the Army. Just finished worrying about one son (6 years in Army...Korea, Ft. Hood, and Iraq) and now I've another starting. Worried I won't handle my emotions with this son as the other. Medic...so more intense future. This is the first day away from Rita for a while. Prefer to spend time with her as I worry less about my own. Selfish??...maybe...



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